Board24 on Crest of a wave as enabling works begin

09 May 2015

When the Logson Board approved plans for a £9 million investment at his site, Eric Marshall Operations Manager, knew he was about to embark on an interesting journey.  What he didn’t foresee was an intimate knowledge of the habitat and breeding habits of the Great Crested Newts!

GCN’s which are protected under legislation, have been present on the Preston site since its start up in 2000. As a company who takes its environmental obligations seriously Eric quickly called in the experts to help. Based on their extensive knowledge of the ecology and status of the protected Great Crested Newt in this area of Preston, ERAP Ltd (Consultant Ecologists) were appointed to assist with all ecological aspects of the extension proposals.

To ensure the construction operations in the proposed extension working area did not harm individual Great Crested Newts the working area was surrounded in newt exclusion fencing. A perimeter exclusion fence was also installed with internal dividing drift fences to create seven compartments to maximise capture success. 

Pitfall traps were installed along the exclusion fencing, to a total of 110 traps.  All captured amphibians were carefully translocated in a bucket with wet moss to the hibernacula in the Receptor Area. Moving forward the Receptor Area will be managed specifically for Great Crested Newts and associated wildlife. 

Victoria Burrows, Principal Ecologist at ERAP Ltd (Consultant Ecologists), commented; “The mitigation strategy has ensured that, to date, 51 Great Crested Newts have been carefully translocated out of the construction area and habitat enhancement works for the long-term conservation of amphibians have been carried out at the site.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Logson Group and their appointed team.”

The enabling works include drainage works, site excavation and piling work for the new extension. The major construction will start in the New Year and to be completed by Q3 2015.

This investment will ensure Board24 continues to meet demand from the continued growth of key customers, and in particular to facilitate the growing trend towards increased graphic impact in retail ready and promotional packaging.

Richard McBride, Board24 Managing Director, commented, “I am delighted that the Preston site have been granted permission to carry out the enabling works in preparation for the extension. This extension will house our new corrugator, which will enable Board24 to progress into speciality grades, working alongside our customers as they further enhance their capabilities in high quality flexo and digital printing.”

Board 24 was delighted to work positively with both Natural England and ERAP to ensure we fully complied with our environmental responsibilities in the Preston site development. With full planning permission now secured, we look forward to operating a world class manufacturing facility in harmony with the protection of our GCN’s.

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